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incorporating water and wastewater into the global circular economy
Making a significant leap forward with GI AQUA Products & Solutions by incorporating water and wastewater into the global circular economy

G.NANO Technology

Groundbreaking new-generation Wastewater Treatment Technology

G.NANO Technology

GI AQUA provides comprehensive wastewater treatment solutions with our innovative:

  • Mobile Stations

  • Portable Stations

  • Stationary and efficiency-increasing stations

  • Medium and large wastewater treatment plants


Our technology has been meticulously designed to offer efficient and cost-effective plug-and-play solutions for wastewater treatment across various industries.

Portable Unit for WWT by GI AQUA

Portable WWT Plants

Portable Wastewater Treatment Solutions with GI AQUA

Mobile Plants for WWT by GI AQUA

Mobile WWT Plants

Mobile Stations for On-the-Go Waste Water Treatment Solutions

Stationery Plants for WWT by GI AQUA

Stationery WWT Plants

Enhance Efficiency Stationery and Efficiency-Increasing Stations

Medium & Large Plants for WWT by GI AQUA

Medium & Large Plants

Large and Medium-Sized Plant Solutions for Advanced Wastewater Treatment


GI AQUA provides top-quality wastewater treatment solutions for various needs, from domestic to industrial applications. Our team has decades of experience in the water treatment industry and is dedicated to providing efficient and cost-effective services. We cater to various segments, including Domestic, Grey Water, Industrial, Petrol & Oil, Textile Industry, Slaughterhouse, and more.

Discover the Superiority

Discover the Superiority

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