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Enhance Efficiency with GI AQUA Stationery and Efficiency-Increasing Stations


Stationary & efficiency-increasing stations

The poor efficiency of the old plants and their inability to treat the increasing quantities of wastewater as a result of population increase is among the fatal health problems in developing countries. Whereas sewage stations were established decades ago to serve a limited number of residents, which have doubled over the years. With the lack of financial capabilities of these countries, a barrier to establishing new stations or expanding the old stations has been stopped, which means the inability of these stations to treat the increasing quantities of wastewater beyond their design capacity, which makes the impact of the problem on health and the environment greater than if these stations did not exist. We provide a technology capable of solving this problem by supplying units to raise the efficiency and increase the capacity of these stations up to four times without the need for new land areas, which means stopping the destructive effects of these stations on human health for generations to come.

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